Tips on how to blend in with high class people

Posted by admin on April 13, 2014
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Are you finding it hard to keep up with the rich high class neighbors? Do you wonder whether they are different? Yes, the rich and the high class are different. Everything about them gives away the class and high status. To get to rub shoulders with wealthy people is quite the privilege but to know how to act in such a crowd can be hard. Here are some tips on how to blend in with high class people.

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Act like you have Money

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Mind your closet.

In a world where opinion matters a lot and first impressions stick, be sure to groom well and dress appropriately for any occasion if you are to blend in with the high class. Dressing well for an occasion doesn’t mean that you have to overdress. Be simple about it, yet be sure not to lose taste to simplicity. Check out what others are going to put on, or if possible get someone who’s already “in the club” and prepare with them. If they like you, they will give you hints on what to put on.

Check your manners

The high class are quite strict when it comes to mannerisms. When rubbing shoulders with high class people be sure to keep your manners in check. Good manners is everything so be careful how you act, even when not in the presence of the high class.

Etiquette is part of general mannerism and it goes a long way to identifying you as “one of them.” Know what to order for what occasion, how much to take, when to excuse yourself and most importantly in what order to use the silverware.

Be nice

Be nice to other people. Always keep your face bright, smile and be kind to others. Remember that the high class choose their words very carefully, so avoid talking a lot and be careful not to pull of any rude jokes.

Be open yet charming. Mind your moves and check your joys as well as other emotions. Don’t be shy, if you spot someone interesting, swiftly walk towards them and talk. If you wish to come on to someone, do so discreetly. First, find out if they have a girlfriend or boyfriend before approaching.

Mind your language

Yes, the wealthy and high class talk different. To blend in with high-class people learn how to keep even petty talks interesting and meaningful. Learn some history and mind your grammar. Keep the daily talk swift and interesting. The rich tend to speak proper English with near-perfect grammar, so follow suit.

Whenever talking about something or an incredible experience you had, do not talk about how much it cost or how much you spent on it. In fact, never, ever talk about money. Yes, mention pricy, elegant things but never cross the border to disclose how much it cost (unless asked of course).

Avoid scandals and controversies.

To mind your public image is to be high class. Do your best to keep a clean public image lest no one who matters will want to be associated with you. To do this be respectable and mind your morals. Whenever you feel mad or annoyed, keep yourself calm and stay cool until it goes away. High-class people always want to find a civilized manner to solve settle their differences, so should you.